5 Questions to Ask Your Landscaping Company

Partnering with a landscaping company can help to add value to your home and create outdoor areas that you and your family love to be in. According to IBISWorld, there were 623,249 landscaping companies in the U.S. in 2022, which is an increase of 5.5% from the year before. There are five questions you should ask your landscaping company to ensure that you get the best value.

1. Do You Offer Landscape Design Services?

A full-service landscaping company will offer landscape design services, but not every company is a full-service company. Some companies specialize in planting and maintenance, but they do not have a design team.

2. Does Your Company Manage All the Maintenance?

If you are working with a company that only offers partial maintenance, you should ask what you need to do to maintain plants, shrubs, trees, and other parts of your landscape on your own. You will need to know what role you must play in maintaining your landscape. Most homeowners will do at least part of the landscape maintenance for their homes, but having the option to leave everything to the professionals is comforting.

3. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Many landscaping companies will offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you don't pay for work you don't like. Ask your company if they offer any sort of guarantee and what it includes.

4. What Is the Best Way to Keep My Plants Healthy?

Landscaping companies have the expertise to answer any questions that you have about the health of plants and your lawn. If any questions come up, jot them down, and the next time you are in contact with your landscapers ask them. Landscaping experts can offer a wealth of information about soil, plants, lawn, which seeds are best, and more.

5. What Are Your Service Plans?

Some landscaping companies will offer year-round services, even if you live in a colder region. The companies in the colder regions that offer year-round services often offer snow removal services in the winter. Ask your company what type of services they offer. You may be surprised to learn they do more than planting, maintaining, and mowing.

These are just a few questions you can ask a landscape service. Do you have more questions about working with a landscaping company? Call Costello Landscaping to speak with our experienced team!